Sustainability & community energy transformation

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Sustainability & community energy transformation

Lutz Ribbe, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, shares his views on sustainability and community energy transformation

We live in turbulent but also remarkable times. The latter is because virtually any political demand currently being voiced is linked or supposed to be linked, with the COVID-19 crisis. And in this case, too, when I was asked to write this article, the idea was that, after all, COVID-19 should be a reason for stepping up efforts to bring about sustainability, renewable energies, energy efficiency and so on.

That is not the way I see it: the uncontested need to become more sustainable was already there when nobody could have envisaged this horrendous virus. In 1992, at the major UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was adopted, in which governments agreed to make sure that greenhouse gas concentrations were stabilised to “prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system” (1).

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